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The Mont-Joli Airport is part of daily life for the residents of the Saint-Flavie and Mont-Joli area, and it also represents a veritable economic engine for the region.

The Mont-Joli regional airport is an air service complex that has been buzzing with activity for more than 60 years.

The development of the Mont-Joli Airport as a regional centre began when it was called on to play a crucial role during World War II, when it was selected by the Commonwealth countries as a strategic site for the construction of a bombing and gunnery school. At the end of the war, in April, 1946, the airport was transferred to the Canadian Department of Transport.

Today, the Mont-Joli Airport is still considered a leader in air transportation in Eastern Quebec. With a total area of almost 920 acres, the Mont-Joli Airport has two runways, including the 06-24, a 5000-foot runway which is currently undergoing a major modernization project at a cost of $6.5 million.